The Positive Impact content mills have on writers

Be the Copywriter with humility and the one who celebrates all successes no matter how small.


For the “working” Copywriter content mills may be off putting. For the newcomers like myself they are good and bad. It all depends on how you look at the situation. 

A simple Internet search provides you with a list of content mills and reviews. You will find people that think some are good. You will find others that believe that they are an evil business that consumes a writers’ soul. 

In the real world, where most of us live, “Copy” is another way of saying text. “Writer” is a word that describes someone who writes. So, that means a Copywriter is a person who writes text. This is not to say that a six-figure earning, persuasive writing machine “only writes text”. It is a simple statement that Copywriter means someone who writes text. This means, if you are writing, you are a Copywriter. Congratulations!

Content mills are often a positive place to start your writing career. You all know that content mills don’t pay much. You would have to work hours on end researching and writing articles. That work means nothing if the writing doesn’t sell.  Yet, when your writing sells is when the positive impact comes in to play.

That email saying, “Congratulations you’ve sold your first article” is an amazing confidence booster for a new writer. The second, the third, and the fourth email mean you must be doing something right. In that moment it doesn’t matter to you that you only made $8 for something that took you two hours to write. It only matters that you sold it and that you’ve succeeded. The feeling of success is a very powerful motivator. That feeling will keep you writing, learning, and reaching higher.

The more you write, the more you will improve. As your writing improves, you will get noticed. Then out of the blue you get that email that says, “You are a preferred writer for such and such agency”. There it is again, that feeling of success comes back. In that moment it does not matter if this happens to millions of people a day. All that matters is it has happened to you. A business likes your writing and work ethic so much that they prefer you to do their writing. 

Though your goal is to create a good living as a writer; these small successes can be the catalyst you need. Every Copywriter started somewhere. In some cases the ego grows quicker than the success does. This creates a person that believes they are larger than life and too large for you. Don’t be that Copywriter. Be the Copywriter with humility and the one who celebrates all successes no matter how small.  

Author: askewcw

I have loved writing for as long as I can remember. I have only recently tried to apply my love for writing to the copy writing world. I am new to the business of writing and plan to spend my days learning as much as I can to create compelling content.