Absolutely Free Investment Advice.

Invest aggressively or lay back and look for long-term benefits.

Wouldn’t it be nice to invest what you have in ways that will benefit you? Like a spoiled child with his or her favorite toy, you should hold on tight and only invest in what is worth it. 

Some of you waste it and inevitably regret the way you’ve spent it. But, that’s okay; you can always change your investments. You all invest in something. Some invest aggressively and others lay back looking for long-term benefits. Either way, invest in the things that will make you happy.

The following are examples of bad investments.

  • Anger – This is a horrible way to invest. Anger comes in many forms. All of which will lead to you realize one thing, “That was a wasted investment.”
  • Self-Pity – When all you do is spend your days punishing yourself for the past. You will never create a better future.
  • “Downers” – These are investments that bring you down. Watching horrible news stories that only cover the negatives. Watching videos or reading posts that are intentionally bashing someone or something. The returns on these investments are things like hate, anger, and sadness.

The following are examples of wise investments.

  • Love – This doesn’t have to be romantic love. You can love anyone. Enjoy the people around you and create a happy peaceful investment. This is one way to have that longevity you always look for when investing.
  • Self-Growth – Invest in YOU. Be the person you’ve always wanted to be. Work on that business you wanted to start but never did. Plant a garden, start a hobby, exercise, or read. Create a strong, confident, and happy YOU.
  • “Uppers” – These are investments that raise you up. It can be a friend, a new hairstyle or wardrobe, or even that freelance writing thing you’ve been researching. You name it, if it elevates your feelings and mood that is a good investment. 

The way you invest tells people what kind of person you are. Do you want the world to see you as that “Hate Monger” that invested in violence and anger? Or, would you prefer being the one that people see as a light in the times of darkness? 

Your investment strategy will either bring dividends or destruction. You cannot go back in time to reinvest your time. As time goes by you should, from time to time, reevaluate your investment strategy. Ask yourself this one question, “Am I investing my time wisely?”


Author: askewcw

I have loved writing for as long as I can remember. I have only recently tried to apply my love for writing to the copy writing world. I am new to the business of writing and plan to spend my days learning as much as I can to create compelling content.