How Your Business gets Their Business to do Business

What if this guaranteed a way to increase profit?

You checked your email this morning the same as you do every morning. Two emails stand out. They are both in reply to information that you requested on a product that you need. Your usual supplier has gone out of business due to poor marketing decisions. This has forced you to find a different business to do business with.   

The first one reads like this.

Hey Business Guy,

Your business needs to do business with my business. I have been in business for 10 years. I have navigated the business of doing business with businesses such as yours. My business deserves the opportunity to show your business how well we do business.

Your desire to read fades away.  You realize that you don’t care to do business with a business that conducts business like this.

The second one has a headline that reads:

Your Company Deserves to be Profitable

You’re paying attention now. You click to open and proceed to read.

Dear Company Owner/Purchaser,

As your fiscal year comes to a close you will be reviewing your books to find areas that may need improvement. Will you be looking for a way to maximize profit in the next fiscal year? What if this email contained a way to guarantee an increase in profit? Would you continue reading? 

Yes, of course you would continue to read. You would find that they have the product that you are looking for. The price is 15% cheaper than your usual supplier. You know, the one out of business for poor marketing decisions. Before you find out that it is 15% cheaper, you find out all about the product. Not only does it have the same features, it is better. It has every benefit as the original and more. Near the end of the email you have a choice. You have the option to buy now or request more information. After reading all the benefits, the features, the price and the guarantee, you are ready to buy. But, this is your company and reviewing all the information is the wisest option. You fill out the form to receive the brochure with more information. You are confident you have made the right decision for your company. 

question mark

What are the differences between the two? It is only the opening sentences. But, the opening is all it takes to get the “keep reading” attitude or the “been there done that” attitude. The first email appealed to their needs and wants and the second appealed to yours. A company is like a person in the sense that they put their needs first when purchasing. Emails that bark orders and demand benefits get read far less than the ones that take orders and offer benefits. 

Side Bar:

You will notice that the first half of this article uses the word “Business”, to an annoying extent. The second half of the article uses the word “Company”, for good reason. As the owner it is a source of pride to call it your “Company”. “Business” doesn’t do it justice. Your company does business with other companies and consumers. 

We’re Back:

If you had these two emails in front of you, you would see one wild similarity. These two emails are from the same company. There are two owners of that company. One of them thought that their knowledge and company pride could sell anything. The other knew that hiring a copywriter to persuasively pitch the product would increase their sales, and help increase profits for the next fiscal year. Which owner made the correct marketing decision?  

The Hypnotic Appeal of This, That, and the Other

Not everyone is a swindler


“Are you tired of your current circumstances? Do you dream about changing your situation? You can have everything that you want. Every dream and every desire that you have ever had is right in front of you. With my help, you can learn to raise your arms, reach out, and grab that life that is eluding you”.

Without thinking, you reach for your wallet and pull out that credit card that you never use. You type in those numbers and it’s done. You have purchased the newest method for “Raising Your Arms and Grabbing Things”.

 Minutes later you see an ad.

          “Can You Raise Your Arms and Grab Things? 

                              Of Course You Can!

But, What Will You do Once You’ve grabbed the Things You Want?

                                 With my Help…”

Once again you reach for your wallet and that credit card. You type in those numbers and you did it. You are now the proud owner of “What to do with the Things You Grab”.

Buying things in the moment is not always bad. Obviously it struck a cord and gave you the burning desire to “buy”. Is that all it did? Will you read your new book or take that new course? 

If the idea of reaching out and grabbing things makes you want to act, you will read that book and learn. If it is an impulse buy brought on by fancy word play and heartstring tugging, you’ll put the book on a shelf. It will sit next to the other books you bought on a whim and never read. It will gather dust until you throw it away or decide to act.

Piece of Advice:

Buying books, programs, and subscriptions is not a bad thing by any means. If you are not using them, you’ve wasted your money.

If you want to be a writer, make money from home, start a business, and create that life you’ve always wanted, do it. But, do it in a way that doesn’t waste all the money that you already don’t have.

Start by joining the free sites. If you feel it is for you then get a paid subscription. Read and learn and soak in all that you can from that paid site. After you digest all their information, find a training course. By then you will have decided on a niche and you will have mapped out your road to success.

When you have a burning desire for something, as I do for writing, you will see offers everywhere. You will see them in your sleep. If you’re seeing them in your sleep they are worth it, right? Yes and no. They are worth it when you have completed all other steps and finish what you’ve started. After you can “Raise your Arms and Grab Things”, you invest in “What to do with the Things You Grab”.

The fact of the matter is most everyone is in it for the money. You will read their sales letters that tell how they met this mysterious person. That person gave them the formula for success absolutely free. Not only did they give it to them, this mysterious person mentored them for free. All this so they can give it to you for the unbelievable price of $97.

A fact of life is that there are dishonest people out there. You will open that copper engraving of Abraham Lincoln you wanted so badly only to find that you paid $10 for a penny.

Not everyone is a swindler. There are people that want to teach you how to do what ever it is you want to do. They have the ability to teach you this because they live the life you want and are willing to teach you. As with most, their time is money. If you are willing to learn and create that life, pay the money, (if you can afford it), and begin your road to success. Do not be hypnotized into buying something that you don’t need or that you are not ready for. 


I have many books on my shelf that I bought on an inspired whim. I have made the mistake of thinking that I needed it because it appeals to my desires. Any of the things I have purchased could have been “The Thing”. It could have been what I needed to create the life I want.  I spent more time wanting and buying those magical elixirs than I did digesting them.

Try the free sites, move on to a subscription, and then get the training. Create your road map and stick to it. If your map says spend time learning, do it. Do not skip or neglect steps. Knowing what you want and how you will get it will help keep you safe from the hypnotic appeal of this, that, and the other.

The Positive Impact content mills have on writers

Be the Copywriter with humility and the one who celebrates all successes no matter how small.


For the “working” Copywriter content mills may be off putting. For the newcomers like myself they are good and bad. It all depends on how you look at the situation. 

A simple Internet search provides you with a list of content mills and reviews. You will find people that think some are good. You will find others that believe that they are an evil business that consumes a writers’ soul. 

In the real world, where most of us live, “Copy” is another way of saying text. “Writer” is a word that describes someone who writes. So, that means a Copywriter is a person who writes text. This is not to say that a six-figure earning, persuasive writing machine “only writes text”. It is a simple statement that Copywriter means someone who writes text. This means, if you are writing, you are a Copywriter. Congratulations!

Content mills are often a positive place to start your writing career. You all know that content mills don’t pay much. You would have to work hours on end researching and writing articles. That work means nothing if the writing doesn’t sell.  Yet, when your writing sells is when the positive impact comes in to play.

That email saying, “Congratulations you’ve sold your first article” is an amazing confidence booster for a new writer. The second, the third, and the fourth email mean you must be doing something right. In that moment it doesn’t matter to you that you only made $8 for something that took you two hours to write. It only matters that you sold it and that you’ve succeeded. The feeling of success is a very powerful motivator. That feeling will keep you writing, learning, and reaching higher.

The more you write, the more you will improve. As your writing improves, you will get noticed. Then out of the blue you get that email that says, “You are a preferred writer for such and such agency”. There it is again, that feeling of success comes back. In that moment it does not matter if this happens to millions of people a day. All that matters is it has happened to you. A business likes your writing and work ethic so much that they prefer you to do their writing. 

Though your goal is to create a good living as a writer; these small successes can be the catalyst you need. Every Copywriter started somewhere. In some cases the ego grows quicker than the success does. This creates a person that believes they are larger than life and too large for you. Don’t be that Copywriter. Be the Copywriter with humility and the one who celebrates all successes no matter how small.  

Is Your Action Inspired or is it just action?

“Small, deliberate actions inspired by your true desires create a life you love”
Danielle LaPorte


This world is full of gurus that tell you to find inspiration. They say it is everywhere. All you need to do is find it. In a sense they are right. Inspiration can be found anywhere. Who or what will inspire you?

Truth be told, no one and nothing is inspiration incarnate. Inspiration comes from inside of you. Your favorite celebrity or philanthropist can do something inspiring. For you to feel inspiration you need to nurture that feeling. What you see as inspiring, another person may see as mediocre and mundane. Does that mean that whatever you see as inspirational is not inspirational? Because so and so doesn’t see it as inspirational? No, it doesn’t mean that at all.

Picture This:

You have a garden. It is not like your average fruit and vegetable garden. It is a garden planted with seeds of inspiration. Some of them grow and some of them don’t. Why don’t they all grow? Doesn’t every seed of inspiration grow like Jack’s magic beanstalk? No, like any other seed, they don’t grow because you don’t nurture them. You don’t fertilize them. You don’t pull the weeds from around them. It boils down to the fact that they are not as inspiring as you thought.

And We’re Back:

You now know that inspiration is a seed that you plant. For it to truly inspire you, you have to act on it. Water it, fertilize it, nurture it, and pull the weeds from around it. 

Writing can be a good example. You received an email or saw online information about being a writer. Not only do you get to be a writer, you get to make money doing it. This is one of those seeds and you plant it in your garden. You find out that you don’t make much money writing for content mills. You can’t afford the training that helps you reach your goal. Finding ideas to write about is not as easy as you thought. Those are your weeds. Do you pull those weeds and continue on or let them grow and give up? Will you fertilize and water your seeds? Will you let them up and disappear like a burp in the breeze?

Action, (As compared to inspired action),  is a zombie like walk through life. Doing what needs to be done to have the material items that you think you need.

 Inspired Action is a joyful bounce through the life that you are creating. You are doing what you want and getting what you want. Best of all it does not feel like work.  

2 Simple Keys to Writing Great Copy

Writers that write and say “Yes” will find success


Like the automobiles of old, there are two keys. Of course the same two keys won’t open every door or start every engine. But, providing you with two of many keys might be what you need to start your vehicle of financial freedom.

“Writers write”. Every writer has heard that message in some way, shape, or form. The key to that message is to actually put it to use. Writers do write. It doesn’t matter what you’re writing about or who you are writing for, you write. There are times that you write to write. Hone your skills, sharpen your message, or practice typing faster. You need to write.

Be a “Yes man” or a “Yes woman”. When a client approaches you about a writing assignment, say yes. Unless it is a complete attack on your morals and common sense, say yes. Believe it or not your client will have the information that you need to succeed. On top of that your clients are willing to work with you to ensure that they get the best writing that you can provide. That is not to say that you can slack off. This is your business and you should conduct yourself as a professional.

When you write and when you say “Yes”, you will find success. As with all businesses you need to take the clients that offer you work and you need to hone your craft. Improve on the skills that you already have. Accept the clients that offer you the chance to write and make money. These are two of the keys that you will need to create great copy. 

Are you a Business Owner or a Busy Owner?

Hiring a copywriter can change you from a busy owner to a business owner.

Did you know that hiring a copywriter can help to change you from a busy owner to a business owner? Try it and find out.

Too many people believe that they can do everything on their own. Why hire help when you can do it all by yourself? Being a “Jack of all trades” is a nice trait to have but Jack doesn’t know it all.

You became a business owner to get away from “The Man” or because you believe you can provide a better service. That’s all well and good, noble too. What happens when your dream becomes a fifteen-hour a day curse? What will you do then?

Hire a writer to take care of your correspondence needs. It will cut your work time down to a manageable level. You will be closer to becoming the person you wanted to be when you started dreaming of being a business owner.

· Business-to-Business – Many copywriters specialize in selling your product or services to other businesses. All you provide is the information, benefits and features and we do the rest. With constant contact and approval by you. We will craft a compelling letter that will have the potential to improve your sales.
· Business-to-Customer – This service targets potential customers. These potential customers will want to know the benefits and features of your product or service. They will also want to know how it will help them solve whatever problem they may have.
· E-Newsletter – This is a reoccurring newsletter that we send to your current clients. It informs your client about your products and services. Once again you provide the information and we craft the writing.
· E-Mail – This can be any information you would like to communicate. We send it to your current or prospective clients.

Hire a copywriter to take care of your writing needs. This gives you more time for your family, your friends, and your hobbies. More time is what you are always looking for, is it not? It is high time you stop being that busy owner and become the business owner.