New Nudist is too Big for Britches.

A responsibility to help create a better life for you and others comes with all that power.


Spiderman’s uncle told him, “With great power comes great responsibility”. Believe it or not this is true in all aspects of life. 

Every bit of information that you have stored on memory files in your brain came from somewhere. There was not a spontaneous combustion of knowledge that only happened in your mind. You should not try to hoard the information that flows so freely throughout the wide, wide world of web.

We understand the idea behind creating a living with the knowledge that you have. Teachers get paid to teach, writers get paid to write, builders get paid to build, and soon on and so forth. The idea of supplying whatever is in demand is not a foreign concept.

The concept that is foreign is a “Hero”, of sorts, being angry because they are asked to help. A purveyor of information, ideas, and knowledge should not act too good, too big, or above the rest of the world. It should never be ok to put yourself in a position of power and then look down your nose at the masses. A responsibility to help create a better life for you and others comes with all that power.

Do you think that Spiderman complained about saving cats from trees? Of course he did. In his head where no one else can hear, is where he complained. But, he still saved those cats. He remembers that there was a time when he was vulnerable and sometimes helpless. He knows that he would have given anything for help. This is why no matter how large or small the problem is, he is there to help.

What does this have to do with you?

What is it that you do that other people want or need? Would you like your business motto to read, “We are so big that we don’t cater to the likes of you”? Or, “As a giant we make it our goal to devour, deny, and dismiss the little people”.

Most of what you have now comes from those little people. It is rare that a business has one client that pays so much that they never need to find another. You want people to say, “That’s a brand I can trust” or “That company feels like family”. You want them to like you so much that they keep coming back for more. 

That is accomplished by knowing your value. You need to help them to realize that your wants, needs, and values are inline with theirs. What is the value of your product or service? What problem does it solve? What features and benefits do you offer that make your product or service stand out from the rest? These are the questions that you need to ask when preparing to market, or advertise your product. Your customers want to know what is in it for them. Let’s make it about them.

On the flip side, you can be that person or business that believes that you are above the rest. You can believe that all requests, questions, and inquiries are beneath you. You are so all knowing that any disturbance, that does not have to do with money, is to be  avoided and dismissed with prejudice.

to big for britches

My grandfather would have said, “You are too big for your britches”. When this happens you will be stripped down to nothing and forced to start over or give up. Let’s start with humility and lead with respect. Whatever your company specializes in, let’s get you in the business of providing value.     

How Your Business gets Their Business to do Business

What if this guaranteed a way to increase profit?

You checked your email this morning the same as you do every morning. Two emails stand out. They are both in reply to information that you requested on a product that you need. Your usual supplier has gone out of business due to poor marketing decisions. This has forced you to find a different business to do business with.   

The first one reads like this.

Hey Business Guy,

Your business needs to do business with my business. I have been in business for 10 years. I have navigated the business of doing business with businesses such as yours. My business deserves the opportunity to show your business how well we do business.

Your desire to read fades away.  You realize that you don’t care to do business with a business that conducts business like this.

The second one has a headline that reads:

Your Company Deserves to be Profitable

You’re paying attention now. You click to open and proceed to read.

Dear Company Owner/Purchaser,

As your fiscal year comes to a close you will be reviewing your books to find areas that may need improvement. Will you be looking for a way to maximize profit in the next fiscal year? What if this email contained a way to guarantee an increase in profit? Would you continue reading? 

Yes, of course you would continue to read. You would find that they have the product that you are looking for. The price is 15% cheaper than your usual supplier. You know, the one out of business for poor marketing decisions. Before you find out that it is 15% cheaper, you find out all about the product. Not only does it have the same features, it is better. It has every benefit as the original and more. Near the end of the email you have a choice. You have the option to buy now or request more information. After reading all the benefits, the features, the price and the guarantee, you are ready to buy. But, this is your company and reviewing all the information is the wisest option. You fill out the form to receive the brochure with more information. You are confident you have made the right decision for your company. 

question mark

What are the differences between the two? It is only the opening sentences. But, the opening is all it takes to get the “keep reading” attitude or the “been there done that” attitude. The first email appealed to their needs and wants and the second appealed to yours. A company is like a person in the sense that they put their needs first when purchasing. Emails that bark orders and demand benefits get read far less than the ones that take orders and offer benefits. 

Side Bar:

You will notice that the first half of this article uses the word “Business”, to an annoying extent. The second half of the article uses the word “Company”, for good reason. As the owner it is a source of pride to call it your “Company”. “Business” doesn’t do it justice. Your company does business with other companies and consumers. 

We’re Back:

If you had these two emails in front of you, you would see one wild similarity. These two emails are from the same company. There are two owners of that company. One of them thought that their knowledge and company pride could sell anything. The other knew that hiring a copywriter to persuasively pitch the product would increase their sales, and help increase profits for the next fiscal year. Which owner made the correct marketing decision?  

Are you a Business Owner or a Busy Owner?

Hiring a copywriter can change you from a busy owner to a business owner.

Did you know that hiring a copywriter can help to change you from a busy owner to a business owner? Try it and find out.

Too many people believe that they can do everything on their own. Why hire help when you can do it all by yourself? Being a “Jack of all trades” is a nice trait to have but Jack doesn’t know it all.

You became a business owner to get away from “The Man” or because you believe you can provide a better service. That’s all well and good, noble too. What happens when your dream becomes a fifteen-hour a day curse? What will you do then?

Hire a writer to take care of your correspondence needs. It will cut your work time down to a manageable level. You will be closer to becoming the person you wanted to be when you started dreaming of being a business owner.

· Business-to-Business – Many copywriters specialize in selling your product or services to other businesses. All you provide is the information, benefits and features and we do the rest. With constant contact and approval by you. We will craft a compelling letter that will have the potential to improve your sales.
· Business-to-Customer – This service targets potential customers. These potential customers will want to know the benefits and features of your product or service. They will also want to know how it will help them solve whatever problem they may have.
· E-Newsletter – This is a reoccurring newsletter that we send to your current clients. It informs your client about your products and services. Once again you provide the information and we craft the writing.
· E-Mail – This can be any information you would like to communicate. We send it to your current or prospective clients.

Hire a copywriter to take care of your writing needs. This gives you more time for your family, your friends, and your hobbies. More time is what you are always looking for, is it not? It is high time you stop being that busy owner and become the business owner.