How to Survive Snake Oil Peddling Charlatans

Focus on the road ahead and continue driving.


Have you ever been hornswoggled, duped, or hoodwinked? 

I have.

Have you heard this?

“We will teach you everything you need to know to do what it is you want to do. Show up to our FREE live event and you will learn exactly how to be who you want to be.”

You arrive excited and ready to get the keys to the kingdom. You sit through an hour or so of exuberant jibber jabber. You soon find out that you don’t have the $5000, $10,000, or more to actually learn what you thought you were going to learn.

I understand that not everything is free and people need to get paid for their time. But, I still have that child-like sense of wonder. I believe dreams can come true. When I see or hear something that gets my heart racing, I engage it with every fiber of my being. I take the bait and am excited to be reeled into the boat. Then I am thrown back because I am not a fat enough fish.

I cannot say that all these free events, if any, are real or scams. I am saying that the feeling that you receive, when you can’t afford it, is what hurts most. 

How do you survive this torturous pain?


Believing in your dreams and desires is what will keep you going. Knowing THAT you will succeed is the key to success. It is not how or when you will succeed. It is THAT you will succeed.

When you are driving to work or wherever, you know where you’re going. Though you cannot see it, you know that it is there and that you will get there. Some people carpool. They know where they are heading and they all ride together. Someone may know a short cut and they get there quicker. That doesn’t mean you will not make it. 

You focus on the road ahead and you continue driving. Your road may be longer or slower going at first. But, soon you will learn the short cuts and tricks. Guess what happens then? 


It is not always easy seeing people bound up the ladder. They skip rungs on their way up, while you have to take it step-by-step and inch-by-inch. But, remember this, your belief in your success got you as far as their $10,000 or $20,000 got them.

So… When you receive that email that says, “For our truly dedicated members” and it comes with a gigantic price tag. Know that your dedication has no bounds. Dedication is not dictated by the amount of money you spend. It is your belief, your desire, and your hard work.



The headline may seem a bit bitter. This is because I have bought into the idea of making money online. Only to find out that I will be selling the idea of making money online. I prefer the idea of actually providing a service. I love writing and I want to write for a living. This is the service I am offering. 

I am not saying that everyone who charges you for training is a “CHARLATAN”. I am saying that they are out there. Do not let them crush your dreams.  

Absolutely Free Investment Advice.

Invest aggressively or lay back and look for long-term benefits.

Wouldn’t it be nice to invest what you have in ways that will benefit you? Like a spoiled child with his or her favorite toy, you should hold on tight and only invest in what is worth it. 

Some of you waste it and inevitably regret the way you’ve spent it. But, that’s okay; you can always change your investments. You all invest in something. Some invest aggressively and others lay back looking for long-term benefits. Either way, invest in the things that will make you happy.

The following are examples of bad investments.

  • Anger – This is a horrible way to invest. Anger comes in many forms. All of which will lead to you realize one thing, “That was a wasted investment.”
  • Self-Pity – When all you do is spend your days punishing yourself for the past. You will never create a better future.
  • “Downers” – These are investments that bring you down. Watching horrible news stories that only cover the negatives. Watching videos or reading posts that are intentionally bashing someone or something. The returns on these investments are things like hate, anger, and sadness.

The following are examples of wise investments.

  • Love – This doesn’t have to be romantic love. You can love anyone. Enjoy the people around you and create a happy peaceful investment. This is one way to have that longevity you always look for when investing.
  • Self-Growth – Invest in YOU. Be the person you’ve always wanted to be. Work on that business you wanted to start but never did. Plant a garden, start a hobby, exercise, or read. Create a strong, confident, and happy YOU.
  • “Uppers” – These are investments that raise you up. It can be a friend, a new hairstyle or wardrobe, or even that freelance writing thing you’ve been researching. You name it, if it elevates your feelings and mood that is a good investment. 

The way you invest tells people what kind of person you are. Do you want the world to see you as that “Hate Monger” that invested in violence and anger? Or, would you prefer being the one that people see as a light in the times of darkness? 

Your investment strategy will either bring dividends or destruction. You cannot go back in time to reinvest your time. As time goes by you should, from time to time, reevaluate your investment strategy. Ask yourself this one question, “Am I investing my time wisely?”


The Law of Attraction, Donald Trump, and Zombies

Your anger, frustration, happiness, and love are all created by your thoughts.

“No dream is too big. No challenge is too great. Nothing we reach for is out of our reach.” Donald Trump

We all have the capability to have, to do, and to be anything that we want. Look around at the people in your life. There are angry people, happy people, sad people, and the list goes on. Ninety-nine percent of those people blame their circumstances and condition on other people. 

You should judge yourself as you judge others. When you do, you will see the flaws and errors in your life. When you dig deep, you will find that your thoughts are what motivated you to make those mistakes or succeed. Knowing that, wouldn’t you want to keep the good thoughts and discard the angry ones?

Aside from the headline and the quote, you are wondering what this has to do with Donald Trump. It is not about his successes, or his failures, though The Law of Attraction played a role in each of those. It is about the rest of the world. 

Every angry thought that people have towards him creates more anger. How many people do you know that use this line, “I am so happy that I am so angry.” Anger is cancerous, it will eat you alive. Yet, there are still people out there who choose to be violently angry.

It can be argued that there are people that are happy he is POTUS, but are still doing horrific things. This has a partial truth, but they are not happy. They are as angry as the others, but for different reasons. These are the ones that do not believe in diversity and peace.

Finally we come to those who know that their current thoughts will create more of the same. Some of these people support the President and some don’t. What makes these polar opposites the same? Neither will allow any negatives to rule their thoughts. They know that anger and negatives will destroy the positive that they’ve created.  

zombie horde

All this anger will only attract more anger. As the anger builds, people that choose to avoid anger will be forced into hiding. Every kind and decent person you know will become a hermit. They will do this because they refuse to take part in anger. They believe in the positive things in life. The world will be filled with mindless zombies. They will roam the countryside looking for anything good and decent to devour. 

This angry horde of zombie like beings will attract more and more. Soon the world will forget why it was devouring good and decent things. All that will happen is the destruction of everything that you hold dear. Is it because Trump is President? Nope. 

People choose to be angry and to be prejudice. They choose to concentrate their thoughts on negative things. No one person creates the virus. It is a group putting in their own opinions and thoughts until a flesh eating monster is created. This monster doesn’t pick and choose who it destroys. It destroys indiscriminately.

rick grimes quote

Your anger, frustration, happiness, and love are all created by your thoughts. You are in control of how you feel. You are the only one that can push those buttons you so closely guard. Do yourself a favor and attract something wonderful into your life. Create a you that you are proud to see in the mirror. 


I am not affiliated with Donald Trump or anyone on his team. I simply see the anger and hatred spreading. I would love to see people create something better than a zombie horde that devours all that stands in its way. The things that make your “blood boil” take up precious time in an already short life. 

He Proudly Admitted to being a Racist

I laughed so hard beer came out my nose.

As with all interestingly ludicrous stories, this one starts in a bar. 

I don’t imbibe the way I used to, but I do enjoy tipping back the occasional drink. After a long day of gazing at a blank page, I sometimes build up a desire to have a few. So I do, and who knew it would lead to inspiration.

Last night I sat in my normal booth, at my normal bar, and drank my normal drink. In the booth behind me I could hear the voices of two men. I couldn’t completely understand what was being said. I heard the occasional curse word. The rest was an intoxicated version of what the adults sound like on the Charlie Brown cartoons. 

Out of nowhere I hear, “I am a racist.”

I looked up and there he was, the self-proclaimed “racist”. He was older than me, but not ancient, I’d say fifty-five or so. The racist statement wasn’t what caught me off guard. It was the fact that he was an African-American. Because, when I hear the word “Racist” I immediately picture a bald, sheet wearing white guy with singed eyebrows from his weekly cross burning. So this was a little different but not all together unbelievable. We all know anybody can be a racist. 

“You must be proud” I sarcastically fired back.

“I am proud, nothing makes me prouder.” He said as he left his booth and took a seat in mine. 

“Being a racist is the only thing I have ever wanted to be. When I was a kid my dreams were filled with the life of a racist. I can’t say that it has always ended in victory for me, but for the most part I come out on top. It doesn’t matter who you are, you can go round and round with me and I will win. There was a time, when I was younger, that it didn’t matter what race or who it was, I would beat them down. My dad always taught me to treat people with kindness and respect. But, if you have a passion for something never let anyone take that from you.” He paused and smiled at me expecting some sort of irrationally motivated retort. I nodded my head, smiled and waited for the punch line.

“The kid is a racist too” He started back up. “Not my kid, I call him kid because he is half my age. Come over here!” He barked as he moved over to make room for the “kid”.

Imagine my confusion when a white guy about twenty-three or so walks around the booth and sits down.

“I’m confused” I stuttered.

Without hesitation the man says, “Why because a black man like me is friends with a white man like him? Do you have some sort of problem with a black man and a white man being pals and having a drink together? Is our ‘kind’ not welcome here? Who the hell are you to say that two racist friends can’t have a drink? What kind of establishment is this? It must be one that caters to people like you who have a prejudice against racists.”

Before I could be completely overwhelmed with intimidation, they both started laughing.


“We race,” he said. “We race cars and motorcycles. A guitar player is a guitarist. A person who creates art is an artist. Someone who has nothing better to do with their time than yell at other people is an activist. So, we thought it only logical to call a person who races, a racist.” He smiled and he took a drink.

I am not going to lie, I laughed so hard beer came out my nose. I also learned a lesson.

Never lash out incoherently at others until you’ve heard the whole story. Sometimes the important part or the part you need to hear arrives at the end of the story or conversation. Lashing out like a child forced to eat carrots never ends well. Someone could end up hurt, or private property destroyed. You will end up banned from the only bar within walking distance. Eventually you drive to a bar and end up getting pulled over on your way home. You lose your license and then your job because you can’t drive. This all happens after you get out of jail for assault and destruction of private property.

Never begin an irrational child like tantrum until you’ve heard the entire story. If, at the end, you decide that a violently ignorant tirade is warranted. Then by all means be foolish and create a situation that will get you locked up, banned, and branded a “wack-job”.  


I do not condone, promote, or support racism or violence in any way, shape, or form. I do support and condone rational conversations, calm interactions, and peaceful resolutions.  

New Nudist is too Big for Britches.

A responsibility to help create a better life for you and others comes with all that power.


Spiderman’s uncle told him, “With great power comes great responsibility”. Believe it or not this is true in all aspects of life. 

Every bit of information that you have stored on memory files in your brain came from somewhere. There was not a spontaneous combustion of knowledge that only happened in your mind. You should not try to hoard the information that flows so freely throughout the wide, wide world of web.

We understand the idea behind creating a living with the knowledge that you have. Teachers get paid to teach, writers get paid to write, builders get paid to build, and soon on and so forth. The idea of supplying whatever is in demand is not a foreign concept.

The concept that is foreign is a “Hero”, of sorts, being angry because they are asked to help. A purveyor of information, ideas, and knowledge should not act too good, too big, or above the rest of the world. It should never be ok to put yourself in a position of power and then look down your nose at the masses. A responsibility to help create a better life for you and others comes with all that power.

Do you think that Spiderman complained about saving cats from trees? Of course he did. In his head where no one else can hear, is where he complained. But, he still saved those cats. He remembers that there was a time when he was vulnerable and sometimes helpless. He knows that he would have given anything for help. This is why no matter how large or small the problem is, he is there to help.

What does this have to do with you?

What is it that you do that other people want or need? Would you like your business motto to read, “We are so big that we don’t cater to the likes of you”? Or, “As a giant we make it our goal to devour, deny, and dismiss the little people”.

Most of what you have now comes from those little people. It is rare that a business has one client that pays so much that they never need to find another. You want people to say, “That’s a brand I can trust” or “That company feels like family”. You want them to like you so much that they keep coming back for more. 

That is accomplished by knowing your value. You need to help them to realize that your wants, needs, and values are inline with theirs. What is the value of your product or service? What problem does it solve? What features and benefits do you offer that make your product or service stand out from the rest? These are the questions that you need to ask when preparing to market, or advertise your product. Your customers want to know what is in it for them. Let’s make it about them.

On the flip side, you can be that person or business that believes that you are above the rest. You can believe that all requests, questions, and inquiries are beneath you. You are so all knowing that any disturbance, that does not have to do with money, is to be  avoided and dismissed with prejudice.

to big for britches

My grandfather would have said, “You are too big for your britches”. When this happens you will be stripped down to nothing and forced to start over or give up. Let’s start with humility and lead with respect. Whatever your company specializes in, let’s get you in the business of providing value.     

Take a Dip in this Pool

If all wasn’t once written, then all once was said.

Search for  your favorite key words or catch phrases.  What you find is a treasure trove of self proclaimed gurus, masters, and newbies.  Writers, designers, builders, and creators of all things that you find fascinating. You name it, it has a name. You write it, someone wrote it. There may be no creative idea or thought that is completely original.  

It is hard to find new ideas in our changing world. Not much of anything you do isn’t built on the foundation of something else. Many times we say and do what is already said and done. We only deliver it in a different way. This creates something new and original for some. For others, “If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is a duck”. That is not always true. It could be a shape shifting water fowl from a planet far away that happens to look like a duck. But, you will never know that if you’re too shut down to see the beauty in all things, no matter how recycled they are.

How can you do anything and claim it as your own, if everything is already done? Take a dip in “The Pool”. The pool of knowledge and wisdom. Enjoy a refreshing “Skinny dip” or “Chunky dunk” in the pool of all that was once thought, written, and said.

How many articles have you read that you feel like you’ve read before? How many movies seem the same as the one you saw last year? How often do you get that, “same but different” feeling?

Why does this happen?

It happens because everyone dips in the pool. As a creative soul you have a free lifetime membership to that pool party. You read an article or a blog post and get an idea from one line in that reading. This idea sparks a wildfire of ideas and thoughts which become your newest work. That is the meaning of  “dipping in the pool”. Do not for one minute think that you have created something that the world has never seen. Even if you created a new world with a new language and spawned a new species. You still couldn’t create something new. Because, at its very core is something that was once thought, said, or written. Do not be discouraged.

This is meant to encourage you. 

If everything is already done, you end the fear of total and utter failure. You have a road map, a picture of what works. Why make up a recipe for peach cobbler when grandma already makes the best peach cobbler? Use her recipe and give it your own little flair. There is nothing wrong or evil about finding your ideas in someone else’s work. I have read articles that appear to be the same. Upon reading, I find something informative in one that is not in the other. You will always have something to offer in whatever you choose to create, even if at its core it has been done before.

For Example:

Jesus said, “It will happen. If you believe, you will receive.” 

Did you know that there is a massive market for the idea that your thoughts create your reality? All you have to do is think it, believe it, and you will see it. Over two thousand years ago a man said something that people today use. Imagine taking a dip in a two thousand year old pool. Point being, there are people out there dipping in a two thousand year old pool. They create a wonderful living for themselves. You should never be afraid of or ashamed of dipping in the pool to find ideas. Ideas that could prove to be the turning point for your career and life.

jumping into water

Lose that fear and doubt and take a dip in this pool. The water is wonderful and enlightening.

How Your Business gets Their Business to do Business

What if this guaranteed a way to increase profit?

You checked your email this morning the same as you do every morning. Two emails stand out. They are both in reply to information that you requested on a product that you need. Your usual supplier has gone out of business due to poor marketing decisions. This has forced you to find a different business to do business with.   

The first one reads like this.

Hey Business Guy,

Your business needs to do business with my business. I have been in business for 10 years. I have navigated the business of doing business with businesses such as yours. My business deserves the opportunity to show your business how well we do business.

Your desire to read fades away.  You realize that you don’t care to do business with a business that conducts business like this.

The second one has a headline that reads:

Your Company Deserves to be Profitable

You’re paying attention now. You click to open and proceed to read.

Dear Company Owner/Purchaser,

As your fiscal year comes to a close you will be reviewing your books to find areas that may need improvement. Will you be looking for a way to maximize profit in the next fiscal year? What if this email contained a way to guarantee an increase in profit? Would you continue reading? 

Yes, of course you would continue to read. You would find that they have the product that you are looking for. The price is 15% cheaper than your usual supplier. You know, the one out of business for poor marketing decisions. Before you find out that it is 15% cheaper, you find out all about the product. Not only does it have the same features, it is better. It has every benefit as the original and more. Near the end of the email you have a choice. You have the option to buy now or request more information. After reading all the benefits, the features, the price and the guarantee, you are ready to buy. But, this is your company and reviewing all the information is the wisest option. You fill out the form to receive the brochure with more information. You are confident you have made the right decision for your company. 

question mark

What are the differences between the two? It is only the opening sentences. But, the opening is all it takes to get the “keep reading” attitude or the “been there done that” attitude. The first email appealed to their needs and wants and the second appealed to yours. A company is like a person in the sense that they put their needs first when purchasing. Emails that bark orders and demand benefits get read far less than the ones that take orders and offer benefits. 

Side Bar:

You will notice that the first half of this article uses the word “Business”, to an annoying extent. The second half of the article uses the word “Company”, for good reason. As the owner it is a source of pride to call it your “Company”. “Business” doesn’t do it justice. Your company does business with other companies and consumers. 

We’re Back:

If you had these two emails in front of you, you would see one wild similarity. These two emails are from the same company. There are two owners of that company. One of them thought that their knowledge and company pride could sell anything. The other knew that hiring a copywriter to persuasively pitch the product would increase their sales, and help increase profits for the next fiscal year. Which owner made the correct marketing decision?