How to Survive Snake Oil Peddling Charlatans

Focus on the road ahead and continue driving.


Have you ever been hornswoggled, duped, or hoodwinked? 

I have.

Have you heard this?

“We will teach you everything you need to know to do what it is you want to do. Show up to our FREE live event and you will learn exactly how to be who you want to be.”

You arrive excited and ready to get the keys to the kingdom. You sit through an hour or so of exuberant jibber jabber. You soon find out that you don’t have the $5000, $10,000, or more to actually learn what you thought you were going to learn.

I understand that not everything is free and people need to get paid for their time. But, I still have that child-like sense of wonder. I believe dreams can come true. When I see or hear something that gets my heart racing, I engage it with every fiber of my being. I take the bait and am excited to be reeled into the boat. Then I am thrown back because I am not a fat enough fish.

I cannot say that all these free events, if any, are real or scams. I am saying that the feeling that you receive, when you can’t afford it, is what hurts most. 

How do you survive this torturous pain?


Believing in your dreams and desires is what will keep you going. Knowing THAT you will succeed is the key to success. It is not how or when you will succeed. It is THAT you will succeed.

When you are driving to work or wherever, you know where you’re going. Though you cannot see it, you know that it is there and that you will get there. Some people carpool. They know where they are heading and they all ride together. Someone may know a short cut and they get there quicker. That doesn’t mean you will not make it. 

You focus on the road ahead and you continue driving. Your road may be longer or slower going at first. But, soon you will learn the short cuts and tricks. Guess what happens then? 


It is not always easy seeing people bound up the ladder. They skip rungs on their way up, while you have to take it step-by-step and inch-by-inch. But, remember this, your belief in your success got you as far as their $10,000 or $20,000 got them.

So… When you receive that email that says, “For our truly dedicated members” and it comes with a gigantic price tag. Know that your dedication has no bounds. Dedication is not dictated by the amount of money you spend. It is your belief, your desire, and your hard work.



The headline may seem a bit bitter. This is because I have bought into the idea of making money online. Only to find out that I will be selling the idea of making money online. I prefer the idea of actually providing a service. I love writing and I want to write for a living. This is the service I am offering. 

I am not saying that everyone who charges you for training is a “CHARLATAN”. I am saying that they are out there. Do not let them crush your dreams.  

The Hypnotic Appeal of This, That, and the Other

Not everyone is a swindler


“Are you tired of your current circumstances? Do you dream about changing your situation? You can have everything that you want. Every dream and every desire that you have ever had is right in front of you. With my help, you can learn to raise your arms, reach out, and grab that life that is eluding you”.

Without thinking, you reach for your wallet and pull out that credit card that you never use. You type in those numbers and it’s done. You have purchased the newest method for “Raising Your Arms and Grabbing Things”.

 Minutes later you see an ad.

          “Can You Raise Your Arms and Grab Things? 

                              Of Course You Can!

But, What Will You do Once You’ve grabbed the Things You Want?

                                 With my Help…”

Once again you reach for your wallet and that credit card. You type in those numbers and you did it. You are now the proud owner of “What to do with the Things You Grab”.

Buying things in the moment is not always bad. Obviously it struck a cord and gave you the burning desire to “buy”. Is that all it did? Will you read your new book or take that new course? 

If the idea of reaching out and grabbing things makes you want to act, you will read that book and learn. If it is an impulse buy brought on by fancy word play and heartstring tugging, you’ll put the book on a shelf. It will sit next to the other books you bought on a whim and never read. It will gather dust until you throw it away or decide to act.

Piece of Advice:

Buying books, programs, and subscriptions is not a bad thing by any means. If you are not using them, you’ve wasted your money.

If you want to be a writer, make money from home, start a business, and create that life you’ve always wanted, do it. But, do it in a way that doesn’t waste all the money that you already don’t have.

Start by joining the free sites. If you feel it is for you then get a paid subscription. Read and learn and soak in all that you can from that paid site. After you digest all their information, find a training course. By then you will have decided on a niche and you will have mapped out your road to success.

When you have a burning desire for something, as I do for writing, you will see offers everywhere. You will see them in your sleep. If you’re seeing them in your sleep they are worth it, right? Yes and no. They are worth it when you have completed all other steps and finish what you’ve started. After you can “Raise your Arms and Grab Things”, you invest in “What to do with the Things You Grab”.

The fact of the matter is most everyone is in it for the money. You will read their sales letters that tell how they met this mysterious person. That person gave them the formula for success absolutely free. Not only did they give it to them, this mysterious person mentored them for free. All this so they can give it to you for the unbelievable price of $97.

A fact of life is that there are dishonest people out there. You will open that copper engraving of Abraham Lincoln you wanted so badly only to find that you paid $10 for a penny.

Not everyone is a swindler. There are people that want to teach you how to do what ever it is you want to do. They have the ability to teach you this because they live the life you want and are willing to teach you. As with most, their time is money. If you are willing to learn and create that life, pay the money, (if you can afford it), and begin your road to success. Do not be hypnotized into buying something that you don’t need or that you are not ready for. 


I have many books on my shelf that I bought on an inspired whim. I have made the mistake of thinking that I needed it because it appeals to my desires. Any of the things I have purchased could have been “The Thing”. It could have been what I needed to create the life I want.  I spent more time wanting and buying those magical elixirs than I did digesting them.

Try the free sites, move on to a subscription, and then get the training. Create your road map and stick to it. If your map says spend time learning, do it. Do not skip or neglect steps. Knowing what you want and how you will get it will help keep you safe from the hypnotic appeal of this, that, and the other.