Take a Dip in this Pool

If all wasn’t once written, then all once was said.

Search for  your favorite key words or catch phrases.  What you find is a treasure trove of self proclaimed gurus, masters, and newbies.  Writers, designers, builders, and creators of all things that you find fascinating. You name it, it has a name. You write it, someone wrote it. There may be no creative idea or thought that is completely original.  

It is hard to find new ideas in our changing world. Not much of anything you do isn’t built on the foundation of something else. Many times we say and do what is already said and done. We only deliver it in a different way. This creates something new and original for some. For others, “If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is a duck”. That is not always true. It could be a shape shifting water fowl from a planet far away that happens to look like a duck. But, you will never know that if you’re too shut down to see the beauty in all things, no matter how recycled they are.

How can you do anything and claim it as your own, if everything is already done? Take a dip in “The Pool”. The pool of knowledge and wisdom. Enjoy a refreshing “Skinny dip” or “Chunky dunk” in the pool of all that was once thought, written, and said.

How many articles have you read that you feel like you’ve read before? How many movies seem the same as the one you saw last year? How often do you get that, “same but different” feeling?

Why does this happen?

It happens because everyone dips in the pool. As a creative soul you have a free lifetime membership to that pool party. You read an article or a blog post and get an idea from one line in that reading. This idea sparks a wildfire of ideas and thoughts which become your newest work. That is the meaning of  “dipping in the pool”. Do not for one minute think that you have created something that the world has never seen. Even if you created a new world with a new language and spawned a new species. You still couldn’t create something new. Because, at its very core is something that was once thought, said, or written. Do not be discouraged.

This is meant to encourage you. 

If everything is already done, you end the fear of total and utter failure. You have a road map, a picture of what works. Why make up a recipe for peach cobbler when grandma already makes the best peach cobbler? Use her recipe and give it your own little flair. There is nothing wrong or evil about finding your ideas in someone else’s work. I have read articles that appear to be the same. Upon reading, I find something informative in one that is not in the other. You will always have something to offer in whatever you choose to create, even if at its core it has been done before.

For Example:

Jesus said, “It will happen. If you believe, you will receive.” 

Did you know that there is a massive market for the idea that your thoughts create your reality? All you have to do is think it, believe it, and you will see it. Over two thousand years ago a man said something that people today use. Imagine taking a dip in a two thousand year old pool. Point being, there are people out there dipping in a two thousand year old pool. They create a wonderful living for themselves. You should never be afraid of or ashamed of dipping in the pool to find ideas. Ideas that could prove to be the turning point for your career and life.

jumping into water

Lose that fear and doubt and take a dip in this pool. The water is wonderful and enlightening.

2 Simple Keys to Writing Great Copy

Writers that write and say “Yes” will find success


Like the automobiles of old, there are two keys. Of course the same two keys won’t open every door or start every engine. But, providing you with two of many keys might be what you need to start your vehicle of financial freedom.

“Writers write”. Every writer has heard that message in some way, shape, or form. The key to that message is to actually put it to use. Writers do write. It doesn’t matter what you’re writing about or who you are writing for, you write. There are times that you write to write. Hone your skills, sharpen your message, or practice typing faster. You need to write.

Be a “Yes man” or a “Yes woman”. When a client approaches you about a writing assignment, say yes. Unless it is a complete attack on your morals and common sense, say yes. Believe it or not your client will have the information that you need to succeed. On top of that your clients are willing to work with you to ensure that they get the best writing that you can provide. That is not to say that you can slack off. This is your business and you should conduct yourself as a professional.

When you write and when you say “Yes”, you will find success. As with all businesses you need to take the clients that offer you work and you need to hone your craft. Improve on the skills that you already have. Accept the clients that offer you the chance to write and make money. These are two of the keys that you will need to create great copy.